FPL2012 Program

This page provides detailed information about the technical program and the social activities around FPL. There is an extra page for the pre- and post workshops.

Technical Program at a glance

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Wednesday Aug. 29th

8:30 by the rector of University of Oslo
8:45 Keynote 1: Michael J. Flynn    Dataflow Supercomputing     (Talk)
10:05 W1A: Side-Channel Security W1B: Software-Defined Radio W1C: Rapid Prototyping
11:15 W2A: Secure Reconfiguration W2B: Software-Defined Radio W2C: FPGA Routing
12:05 Lunch
13:00 Poster Session 1
14:05 W3A: Bio-inspired Applications W3B: Fluid Flow Simulation W3C: Floorplanning and Placement
15:45 W4A: Applications using PR W4B: High-Level Design W4C: CAD Tools
16:40 PhD Forum and Demos
19:00 Oslo City Hall Reception

Thursday Aug. 30th

8:30 Welcome Message from Morten Dæhlen (Head of Department)
8:45 Keynote 2: Steve Trimberger    Beyond Moore. Beyond Programmable Logic.     (Talk)
10:05 T1A: Application Acceleration 1 T1B: Multicores on FPGAs T1C: Industry Session 1
11:15 T2A: Application Acceleration 2 T2B: Floating Point Arithmetic T2C: Industry Session 2
12:05 Lunch
13:00 Poster Session 2
14:05 T3A: Communications and Networking T3B: Reliability and Fault-Tolerance T3C: CAD for Partial Reconfiguration
15:45 T4A: Feature Extraction and Classification T4B: Reconfigurable Architectures T4C: Physical Parameters Sensing
17:05 Plenary: Espen Tallaksen    FPGA development in Norwegian Industry     (Talk)
18:30 Oslo Fjord Banquet on the Lady Mack

Friday Aug. 31st

8:30 Remarks and Announcements
8:45 Keynote 3: Deshanand Singh    Compiling OpenCL to FPGAs     (Talk)
10:05 F1A: On-FPGA Communication F1B: Computer Vision 1 F1C: IP Cores and IP Integration
11:15 F2A: Application Acceleration 3 F2B: Computer Vision 2 F2C: Cryptography
12:05 Lunch
13:00 Poster Session 3
14:00 Keynote 4: Steve Teig    Going beyond the FPGA with Spacetime     (Talk)
15:00 Conference Closing

Social Program

Lady Mack and City Hall
Wed. 29th Aug. 19:00 Oslo City Hall Reception (visit the place of the annual Nobel peace prize ceremony)
Thu. 30th Aug. 19:00 Oslo Fjord Banquet on the Lady Mack


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