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Espen Tallaksen

FPGA Develpment in Norwegian Industry

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A number of advanced and interesting products with FPGAs are being developed in Norway. Some of these FPGAs are being pushed to the limit, with complex designs and extreme performance. Hence methodology, experience and knowhow is really important.

Our experience from more than 15 years of design consultancy shows that the main challenges with respect to project efficiency and product quality may be grouped into a few specific problem areas. These seem to apply world-wide, -- but unfortunately the FPGA vendors and academia do not really focus on the most obvious improvement potentials for a huge majority of the industry.

We need more focus on practical approaches, -- more systemised common sense, more structured methodology, and more awareness on critical aspects of FPGA development. We need to share our experience and knowledge. The annual Norwegian FPGA-forum gathers FPGA designers, project managers, vendors, academia and consultants for this purpose, and has become the most important event for FPGA-technology in Norway.

This talk will give an introduction to FPGA activity in Norway, briefly discuss some important FPGA development issues and suggest some unique approaches to improving the industry.

About Espen Tallaksen

Espen Tallaksen is the managing director and founder of Bitvis – an independent design centre for embedded software and FPGA. He graduated from the University of Glasgow (Scotland) in 1987 and has 25 years experience with FPGA and ASIC development from Philips Semiconductors in Switzerland and various companies in Norway, including his earlier founded company Digitas.

During twenty years Espen has had a special interest for methodology cultivation and pragmatic efficiency and quality improvement. One result of this interest has been a verification system that is currently being used by several Norwegian companies. He has given many presentations in Scandinavia on various technical aspects of FPGA development -- including a keynote at FPGAworld and a two-day course on FPGA development Best Practices. He is also the initiator and chair of the Norwegian FPGA-forum.


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