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Using Altera Tools and Boards for Embedded System Design Courses

Instructot: Dr. Tom Czajkowski

This course begins with an short introduction to Altera and the FPGA technology, followed by two practical sections in which participants get hands-on instruction on how to use Quartus II and other Altera tools. The first section deals with basic digital logic design, where we show how to use Quartus II to design simple logic circuits and program them onto the Altera DE1 boards (provided for the purposes of the course).

We then show a few tools, such as the RTL Viewer/SignalTap II, to demonstrate how they can be used to help students debug their circuits.

The second section discusses the topic of embedded systems and present tools for building systems on a programmable chip. We will show how to work with these tools and how they can be used for teaching university-level embedded systems courses.

Throughout the workshop, I will also present teaching materials we provide that relevant to each section. These include laboratory exercises that demonstrate the key concepts in the courses we discuss, as well as tutorials that explain how to use our tools. Both are written for university-level students, allowing the students to easily follow the explanations on their own without difficulty.

Registration by mail to Tom Czajkowski tczajkow@altera.com


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